Find a home

Find a home

This page is for anyone who would like to appy for social housing in Northampton.

Join the Northampton Housing Register

If you have not already joined the register you can apply in this section.

Before you start, you will need:

  • details of your tenancy history
  • names and dates of birth for the persons in your household
  • details of any medical needs that affect your housing application.

Read more about the housing register and find out if you are eligible.

Apply now

What is the Northampton Housing Register?

The Northampton Housing Register is a list of people who have applied for social housing and are eligible according to Northampton Borough Council's allocation policy.

The Register is shared by a number of social housing providers to make access to social housing as fair and simple as possible, with only one application form.

Once you are registered

When you join the housing register, we will write to let you know:

  • your housing registration number (HRN)
  • your band
  • your housing registration date
  • the types of properties you can bid for
How do I bid for a property?


Once you have a housing registration number, you can bid for properties here

If you need help bidding, please call 0300 330 7003.