Get involved

Get involved

Getting involved with us is a great way to share your views and help improve our services.

It can also help get to know people in your community and learn a new skill.

There are many different ways you can get involved:



To find out more information please contact our Customer Engagement Team on 01604 837 836.


Why get involved?

We want to involve NPH's tenants and leaseholders in our services for two reasons:

Talking with the people who receive our services is the best way to improve them.
People don’t just live in homes, they live in communities and we believe in improving both of these.

At our place

If you would like to meet new people, learn new things and have time to come to meetings, one of our panels could be for you.

NPH provide all the training you need and our friendly team will support you to make a real difference to housing services for all.

“I got involved with the Tenants’ Panel because I wanted to have a say on how council housing is managed in Northampton. I enjoy meeting different tenants, and hearing about news and information from a tenant perspective.”

 Carole Barker, member of NPH’s Tenants’ Panel

Round your way

Are you active in your neighbourhood already? Do you want to engage with us where it matters to you most?

From time to time we organise walkabouts and community events involving NPH staff, residents and local partners such as the police to help resolve issues in your neighbourhood. We can also put you in touch with residents’ groups in your area, or if one doesn’t exist, give you advice and support to get one off the ground.

“Together we can make a real difference in your neighbourhood. Creating or taking part in a community project can have a long lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of you and your community"

Tracey Thompson, NPH Community Regeneration Officer.

At your place

Or maybe you are busy in normal working hours and would prefer to get involved online, at whatever time suits you best?

You can join any of our engagement groups as an associate member and contribute to the agendas and debates by email.

There will be times when we need to hear views on particular service areas or talk to specific groups of people to make sure that we are continually improving. If you would like to take part in surveys or consultations online, just let us know.